Non-physician practitioners who provide alternative/complementary and allied healthcare treatment, such as acupuncture, audiology, diet and nutrition, social work, and a variety of therapies such as massage, occupational, speech/language, and respiratory therapy.
Contacts are from state licensing/certificate lists.
Each record includes the contact name and full address.

Practitioner # of Names Practitioner # of Names
Acupuncturists17152Occupational Therapists82575
Audiologists11800Occupational Therapy Assistants27863
Certified Nursing Assts (CNAs) Paramedics
Dental Assistants Pharmacists
Dental Hygienists Physical Therapists148920
Dental Radiographers Physical Therapy Assistants55680
Dieticians & Nutritionists45450Physicians Assistants
Dispensing Optician16190Podiatrists10650
Drug/Chemical Dependency51150Psychologists72030
Emergency Medical Techs Radiologic Technicians
Marriage & Family Therapists52710Respiratory Care Practitioners (CRT)61635
Massage Therapists137150Respiratory Therapists (RRT)52704
Mental Health Counselors20850Social Workers
Nurse Practitioners Speech & Language Pathologists92700

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