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Management consulting services, including business planning, banking and financial consulting, construction project management, new products and services, hospitals and health services, human resource management, and marketing consulting services.
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Type of Consulting # of Names Type of Consulting # of Names
Business Planning & OrganizingMarketing
  Planning & Organization Svcs3906  Marketing Consulting31368
  Corporate Objectives & Policies167  Distribution Channels265
  Corporate Organization345  Franchising173
  Materials Management340  Merchandising381
  New Business Startup529  New Products / Services411
  Planning Consultants2204  Sales & Sales Management2766
Industrial & Labor Industry Specialists
  Automation & Robotics646  Banking & Finance1878
  Industry & Labor594  Construction Project Mgmt2163
  Industrial Consultant961  Food & Beverage910
  Industrial Hygiene177  Hospital & Health Services6536
  Maintenance Management570  Industry Specialists2448
  Management Engineering261  Public Utilities307
  Manufacturing Management1881  Real Estate5803
  Quality Assurance635  Restaurant & Food Svcs1057
Human Resources  Retail Trade1106
  Human Resources Consulting3885  Schools, Colleges & Univs552
  Compensation/Benefits Plan1158  Transportation2347
  Incentive / Awards Programs345Other Management Consulting
  Labor / Union Relations245  Administrative Services1561
  Personnel Management1099  Business Management6426
  Programmed Instruction268  Financial Consulting19216
  Training & Development4882  Foreign Trade858
  General Management2898
  Management Info Systems1105
  Productivity Improvement243
  Site Location202
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  Mail Only $ 100/1,000 ($495 min)
  With Phone $ 150/1,000 ($595 min)
Multi-use with Phone$ 200/1,000 ($595 min)
Variables $ 200/1,000 ($200 min)
Data Output$ 50 flat
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