Demographics Lifestyles
Age Buying Habits Sports Home
Gender   Mail Responder   Extreme Sports   Any Pet
Marital Status   Mail Buyer   Golf   Automotive Work
# of Children   Mail Donor   NASCAR Enthusiast   Dining/Home
Children by AgeBuying Medium   Skateboarding   Fashion Clothing¬†
Presence of Children   Catalog Purchaser   Snowboarding   Gardening
Education   Internet Purchaser   Snow Skiing   Gourmet Cooking
   /Fine Food
County Size Code   Retail Purchaser   Soccer   Grandchildren
OccupationInterests   Tennis   Have Swimming
Credit Cards   Art/Antique Collecting   Watching Sports on
   Home Furnishing
Dwelling Type   Avid Book ReadingPower Sports Owner   Home Improve
Homeowner/Renter Code   Bible/Devotional Reading   All Terrain Vehicle   Home Workshop
Length of Residence   Casino Gambling   Boat   Own a Cat
Home Value   Collectibles   Motorcycle   Own a Dog
Net Worth   Contests/Sweepstakes   Personal Watercraft   Wines
Income Producing Assets   Crafts   Recreation VehicleHealth and fitness
Religion   Cultural/Art Events   Snowmobile   Dieting/Weight
Ethnicity   Our Nation's HeritageTravel   Health/Natural
   Photography   Airline Club   Physical
   Sewing/Needlework   Cruise Ship Vacation   Rollerblading
   Stamp/Coin Collecting   Foreign Travel   Running/Jogging
Electronics   Travel for Business   Self-
   Cable TV Viewing   Travel for Pleasure   Walking for
   Home Video Recording   Travel in the USAOutdoors
   Personal/home ComputerPayment Method   Bicycling
   Pre-Recorded Videos   Credit Card   Camping/Hiking
   Stereo/Records/Tapes/CDs   Cash, Check, Money
   Video GamesPersonal Finance   Horseback
   Other Electronics   Moneymaking
Contributors   Mutual Fund
   Mountain Biking
   Real Estate
   Current Affairs/Politics      
   Veteran Contributor      

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