More than 139,000 dental hygienists.Can be selected by state.In most states, dental hygienists can examine teeth and gums, remove calculus, stains, and plaque, apply preventative materials, take and develop x-rays, and make molds of patients’ teeth.

More than 81,000 dental assistants.Can be selected by state.Not all states available for dental assistants.
Dental assistants help dentists by taking x-rays, using suction, sterilizing instruments, setting up instrument trays, and performing administrative duties in dental offices.

More than 28,000 dental radiographers.Can be selected by state.Not all states available for dental radiographers.
Dental radiographers work with dentists to take x-rays of teeth, bones, and surrounding soft tissues to screen for and help identify problems with the teeth, mouth, and jaw.

Each record includes the name of one dental hygienist, dental assistant, or dental radiographer and full mailing address.

Email Deployment or PurchaseCall for Pricing (800) 729-2600
1-time use Mail Only$ 70/1,000 ($495 min)
Multi-use Mail Only $ 150/1,000 ($595 min)
Variables $ 200/1,000 ($200 min)
Data Output$ 50 flat
Additional charges may apply

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