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F1RSTMARK Engineering, Operations, & Manufacturing Executives
1,000,000+ contacts and 400,000+ email addresses
Engineering, operations, quality control, and manufacturing executives
 in companies across industries.
Can be selected by function: engineering, manufacturing, operations,
purchasing, QA/QC, and resea
Each record includes the company name, full address, and contact name.
Email addresses additional.



    # of Names

  Engineering 480,000
  Manufacturing 50,000
  Operations 165,000
  Purchasing 147,000
  QA/QC 61,000
  Research 110,000

Phone Numbers



Email Deployment or Purchase   Call for Pricing 800-726-4800
1-time use  
  Mail Only  $ 100/1,000 ($495 min)
  With Phone    $ 150/1,000 ($595 min)
Multi-use with Phone   $ 200/1,000 ($595 min)
Variables   $ 200/1,000 ($200 min)
Data Output   $ 50 flat
Important Email Information   F1RSTMARK Procedures for Broadcast Emailers
Guidelines and Recommendations for Creating an Email
Suggestions for Avoiding Spam Filters
Email Trends and Statistics
Act: Requirements for Commercial Mailers
Additional charges may apply  

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