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Product   Product
Animal & marine fats & oilsFresh or frozen packaged fish
Beet sugarFroz bakery prods exc bread
Bottled & canned soft drinksFrozen fruits & vegetables
Bread cake & related productsFrozen specialties
Candy & other confectionery productsIce cream & frozen deserts
Cane sugar refiningMacaroni & spaghetti
Canned & cured fish & seafoodsMalt
Canned fruits & specialtiesMalt beverages
Canned specialtiesManufactured ice
Cereal breakfast foodsMeat packing plants
Cheese; natural & processedPickles sauces salad dressings
Chewing gumPotato chips & similar snacks
Chocolate & cocoa productsPoultry slaughter/processing
Cookies & crackersPrepared feeds
Cottonseed oil millsPrepared flour mixes/doughs
Creamery butterRaw cane sugar
Distilled & blended liquorsRice milling
Dog & cat foodRoasted coffee
Dried/dehyd fruits vegetables & soup mixSalted & roasted nuts & seeds
Dry condensed & evaporated dairy prodsSausages/other prep meats
Edible fats & oilsSoybean oil mills
Flavoring extracts & syrupsVegetable oil mills
Flour & other grain mill productsWet corn milling
Fluid milkWines brandy spirits
Food preparations

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