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Teachers working in public and private schools and administrators in districts.
Can be selected by grade level taught, subject taught, or administrator or other non-academic personnel.
Can be selected by grade level, or by subject or course taught.
Can be selected at school or home addresses.
Each record includes the name of the teacher or administrator, school name, and full address of school.
If at home, record includes name of teacher and full home address.
Email addresses additional.

  # of Names at     # of Names at
Teacher by Grade School Home   Teacher by Subject School Home
Pre-1st Grade546327Business Education6927534897
Grade 1226429112539Coaches1674795755
Grade 2223564112809Computer Science15306668560
Grade 3221296107305English & Reading554611270713
Grade 4208648101078Family & Consumer Science6001629969
Grade 520241298229Fine Arts21044925088
Grade 617108185917Foreign & World Languages13283561302
Grade 714666779472Gifted & Talented5384528189
Grade 813996777207Guidance & Student Activities288154117010
Grade 91672410212Physical Education & Health224060112765
Grade 10121987717Humanities, Philosophy & Religion4540713861
Grade 11108087099Industrial Arts26635166981
Grade 1291225938Library & Media12520167435
Phone Numbers100%N/AMathematics356539183957
Schools by Specialty65825712771675
Social Studies & Sciences315196169249
Special Education & Special Needs1208192512203
Vocational Education261268108101
Principals & Administration908771396004

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