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K-12 teachers who teach at special schools, such as alternative, blue ribbon, religious, tech-savvy, or schools for children with special needs.
Can be selected by grade level taught, subject taught, or administrator or other non-academic personnel.
Can be selected by grade level, or by subject or course taught.
Can be selected at school or home addresses.
Each record includes the name of the teacher or administrator, school name, and full address of school.
If at home, record includes name of teacher and full home address.
Email addresses additional.

  # of Names at     # of Names at
Type of Special School School Home   Type of Special School School Home
District - Catholic Diocesan Offices740476District - County Centers1083653
District - Regional Centers35582167District - State Department1743775
School - 7th Day Adventist42948School - Adult Education173713604
School - Alternative533931107School - Armed Srv Dependent780
School - Blue Ribbon381430193School - Boarding226520
250938105132School - Charter1662866162
School - County Operated124964253School - Emotionally Challenged961725
School - Islamic2205713091131
School - Lutheran1663360School - Magnet109997773
School - Mentally Challenged18314138School - Military17430
School - Montessori20456155School - NAIS116147231
School - Native American72271511School - Other Christian116996768
School - Physically Challenged1728682School - Private416321149487
School - Public58704552476499School - Special Needs8115331474
School - State Operated9658535060Tech Savvy6047031874
School - Vocational Technical6613424503
Phone Numbers100%N/APhone Numbers100%N/A

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