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  # of Names     # of Names
Specialty RNs LPNs   Specialty RNs LPNs
Acute Care Practitioner1233-Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
Administration2697-Nurse Practitioner
Adult Care29111OB / Gyn199192343
Advance Practice24356-Occupational Health1950668
Ambulatory Care353-Oncology7224683
Clinical Nurse SpecialistOrthopedics561145
Community Health123623334Pain Management66-
Critical Care288311479Pediatrics188816402
Drug & Alcohol325-Perinatal75-
Emergency Care202551444Peri-operative50678
Family Care98515Prescriptive Authority231231
Geriatric Care1286323751Primary Care39-
Home Health Care155679577Psychiatry Adult64502487
Hospice68-Psychiatry Child260-
Infection Control37-Psychiatry General5150-
IV Certification178330603Public Health7571
Medical / Surgical3833711273Rehabilitation38432279
Medicine Asst427322429School Nurse
Neonatal10357298Women's Health11153
Nurse Anesthesiologist205571

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