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All companies that are involved in manufacturing apparel and fabrics. These include men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, fur goods, outerwear, as well as other items made with fabrics, such as household furnishings including curtains and draperies, and automotive accessories.
Records can be selected by product, geography, or size of company.
Each record includes the name of the company, contact name and full address.
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SIC Code Product SIC Code Product
2387Apparel belts2323Men's & boy's neckwear
2389Apparel & accessories other2311Men's & boy's suits & coats
2396Automotive & apparel trimmings2325Men's & boy's trousers & slacks
2342Bras girdles & allied garments2322Men's & boy's underwear & nightwear
2394Canvas & related products2326Men's & boy's work clothing
2391Curtains & draperies2395Pleating & stitching
2381Fabric dress & work gloves2384Robes & dressing gowns
2399Fabricated textile products other2397Schiffli machine embroideries
2371Fur goods2393Textile bags
2361Girl's & children's dresses blouses2385Waterproof outerwear
2369Girl's & children's outerwear other2341Women's & children's underwear
2353Hats caps & millinery2335Women's junior's & misses' dresses
2392Household furnishings other2331Women's & misses' blouses & shirts
2386Leather & sheep-lined clothing2337Women's & misses' suits & coats
2329Men's & boy's clothing other2339Women's & misses' outerwear other
2321Men's & boy's furnishings

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