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All companies that are involved in the manufacture of lumber and wood products (excluding furniture). This includes logging, flooring, millwork, plywood, veneer, prefabricated building and mobile homes, wood pallets, containers and boxes, and wood preserving.
Records can be selected by product, geography, or size of company.
Each record includes the name of the company, contact name and full address.
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SIC Code Product
2426Hardwood dimension & flooring mills
2435Hardwood veneer & plywood
2451Mobile homes
2441Nailed wood boxes & shook
2452Prefabricated wood buildings
2493Reconstituted wood products
2421Sawmills & planing mills general
2436Softwood veneer & plywood
2429Special product sawmills other
2439Structural wood members other
2449Wood containers other
2434Wood kitchen cabinets
2448Wood pallets & skids
2491Wood preserving
2499Wood products other

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