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All companies that are involved in manufacturing chemicals and chemical products. This includes organic and inorganic chemicals, fertilizers, toiletries, inks, rubber, and cellulose products. .
Records can be selected by product, geography, or size of company.
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SIC Code Product SIC Code Product
2879Agricultural chemicals other2819Industrial inorganic chemicals other
2891Adhesives & sealants2833Medicinals & botanicals
2812Alkalies & chlorine2873Nitrogenous fertilizers
2836Biological products except diagnostic2851Paints & allied products
2895Carbon black2834Pharmaceutical preparations
2899Chemical preparations other2874Phosphatic fertilizers
2865Cyclic crudes & intermediates2821Plastics materials & resins
2835Diagnostic substances2893Printing ink
2892Explosives2842Polishes & sanitation goods
2875Fertilizers mixing only2841Soap & other detergents
2861Gum & wood chemicals2843Surface active agents
2869Industrial organic chemicals other2822Synthetic rubber
2813Industrial gases2844Toilet preparations

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