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All companies that are involved in manufacturing stone, glass, clay, and concrete products. This includes glass and clay products, china and vitreous products for plumbing and kitchenware, porcelain and pottery, abrasives, asbestos products, lime, and gypsum.
Records can be selected by product, geography, or size of company.
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SIC Code Product SIC Code Product
3291Abrasive products3295Minerals ground or treated
3292Asbestos products3296Mineral wool
3251Brick & structural clay tile3297Nonclay refractories
3241Cement hydraulic3299Nonmetallic mineral products
3253Ceramic wall & floor tile3264Porcelain electrical supplies
3255Clay refractories3269Pottery products other
3271Concrete block & brick3229Pressed & blown glass other
3272Concrete products other3231Products of purchased glass
3281Cut stone & stone products3273Ready-mixed concrete
3211Flat glass3263Semivitreous table & kitchenware
3221Glass containers3259Structural clay products other
3275Gypsum products3261Vitreous plumbing fixtures
3274Lime3262Vitreous china table & kitchenware

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