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All companies that are involved in  manufacturing industrial and
commercial machinery and computer equipment. This includes turbines,
engines, construction and mining equipment, industrial machinery of all types,
refrigeration and heating equipment, computers, pumps and motors, furnaces and ovens.
Records can be selected by product, geography, or size of company.
Each record includes the name of the company, contact name and full address.
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SIC Code Product SIC Code Product
3563Air & gas compressors3545Machine tool accessories
3581Automatic vending machines3541Machine tools metal cutting type
3524Lawn & garden equipment3542Machine tools metal forming type
3562Ball & roller bearings3586Measuring & dispensing pumps
3564Blowers & fans3549Metalworking machinery other
3578Calculating & accounting equipment3532Mining machinery
3592Carburetors pistons piston rings & valves3579Office machines other
3582Commercial laundry equipment3533Oil & gas field machinery
3577Computer peripheral equipment other3565Packaging machinery
3572Computer storage devices3554Paper industries machinery
3575Computer terminals3555Printing trades machinery
3531Construction machinery3546Power-driven handtools
3535Conveyors & conveying equipment3568Power transmission equipment other
3571Electronic computers3561Pumps & pumping equipment
3534Elevators & moving stairways3585Refrigeration & heating equipment
3523Farm machinery & equipment3547Rolling mill machinery
3536Hoists cranes & monorails3596Scales & balances except laboratory
3567Industrial furnaces & ovens3589Service industry machinery other
3543Industrial patterns3544Special dies tools jigs & fixtures
3537Industrial trucks & tractors3559Special industry machinery other
3519Internal combustion engines other3566Speed changers drives & gears
3593Fluid power cylinders & actuators3552Textile machinery
3594Fluid power pumps & motors3511Turbines & turbine generator sets
3556Food products machinery3548Welding apparatus
3569General industrial machinery other3553Woodworking machinery
3599Industrial machinery other

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