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All companies that provide business services. This includes advertising agencies; adjustment, collection and credit reporting services; commercial photography, art, and graphic design; secretarial and court reporting services; building maintenance; pest control; rental and leasing of heavy construction and other equipment; computer services such as custom software development, maintenance and repair,rental and leasing, and data processing and information retrieval; employment and other help agencies; detective, armored car, and security systems; and photocopying,
duplicating, and photofinishing laboratories.
Records can be selected by service provided, geography, or size of company.
Each record includes the name of the company, contact name and full address.
Email addresses additional.

SIC Code Business Type SIC Code Business Type
7311Advertising agencies7331Direct mail advertising services
7319Advertising other7342Disinfecting & pest control services
7322Adjustment & collection services7361Employment agencies
7389Business services other7359Equipment rental & leasing other
7349Building maintenance services other7353Heavy construction equipment rental
7335Commercial photography7363Help supply services
7336Commercial art & graphic design7375Information retrieval services
7376Computer facilities management7352Medical equipment rental
7373Computer integrated systems design7383News syndicates
7378Computer maintenance & repair7312Outdoor advertising services
7379Computer related services other7384Photofinish laboratories
7377Computer rental & leasing7334Photocopying & duplicating services
7323Credit reporting services7372Prepackaged software
7371Custom computer programming services7313Radio television publisher representatives
7374Data processing & preparation7338Secretarial & court reporting
7381Detective & armored car services7382Security systems services

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