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All companies that are involved in providing services such as art-related services; commercial writing services including newspaper, technical, literary, song and editorial writing services; lecturing services; weather-related and other scientific consulting services; communication services; information bureaus; psychological
consultants; and search-and-rescue services.
Records can be selected by service, geography, or size of company.
Each record includes the name of the company, contact name and full address.
Email addresses additional.

SIC Code Service Type
8999Artists & Art Studios
8999Commercial & Literary Writing
8999Communication Services
8999Editorial Services
8999Lecturing Services
8999Psychological Consultant
8999Scientific Consulting
8999Search & Rescue Services
8999Weather-Related Services

Email Deployment or PurchaseCall for Pricing (800) 729-2600
1-time use
  Mail Only $ 100/1,000 ($495 min)
  With Phone $ 150/1,000 ($595 min)
Multi-use with Phone$ 200/1,000 ($595 min)
Variables $ 200/1,000 ($200 min)
Data Output$ 50 flat
Additional charges may apply

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