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  # of Churches   Denomination # of Churches   Contacts # of Names
African-American27810Islamic-Moslem Mosques1248Associate Pastor27944
Assembly of God12633Jehovah Witness5575Choir Director6580
Baptist74844Jewish3067Director, Religious Ed17863
Baptist-Southern Baptist47375Lutheran18654Director2482
Buddhist238Mennonite1816Music Director31018
Catholic19391Methodist41300Office Manager19201
Christian Science1235Presbyterian13763Pastor226495
Church of God13679Protestant248586Rabbi2027
Churches of the Nazarene4934Seventh Day Adventist5523Rector (Episcopal)6221
Church of Christ18514Unitarian1039Secretary30657
Episcopal7034United Church of Christ5222Youth Minister30824
Friends  (Quaker)1291United Pentecostal4307
Greek Orthodox537Wesleyan1578

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