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Medical and non-medical weight loss and diet specialists and services, including liposuction, bariatric surgery, weight loss and diet programs. Each record includes the facility name, full address, contact name, and phone number. Email addresses additional.

Facility # of Names
Senior Contact in Diet & Weight Loss Centers6335
Office Managers in Physician Offices
  Specializing in Bariatrics & Weight Loss

Chief of Surgery in Hospitals with
  Weight Loss Services

Phone Numbers100%

Email Deployment or PurchaseCall for Pricing (800) 729-2600
1-time use
  Mail Only $ 100/1,000 ($495 min)
  With Phone $ 150/1,000 ($595 min)
Multi-use with Phone$ 200/1,000 ($795 min)
Variables $ 200/1,000 ($200 min)
Data Output$ 50 flat
*Additional charges may apply

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